Thursday, October 24, 2013

Perception can be a scary thing.

It’s been several days and every day is exactly the same. After a cold damp night, dawn breaks and it starts over again. The ones in charge begin to prepare. I'm not sure if I can survive another day of waiting. Here they come. They can be so judgmental and criticizing. Yet, you have to admire their determination and decisiveness. They know exactly what they want—they want the best. 

I don't know whether to be relieved that I haven't been chosen, or upset that I may not be good enough to ever be chosen. I have heard some of them talk about what they're going to do with us. It sounds uncomfortable. But they speak of the deeds like they’re going to enjoy it. Are they evil? I freeze as one of them comes closer. It is obvious I'm under serious assessment. They call someone over to compare me to another. This might be it. Yes, this is it. It's my turn to leave. Where will they take me, and what will happen once I get there? Are the rumors true? Oh, the suspense. There goes my ulcer… 

I bet you’ve never thought about the pumpkin patch from the perspective of the pumpkin before.  

Have you thought about your business from the perspective of your customer before? You know you're working hard, and you believe you’re doing a great job. But do your customers? What questions might they want answered, but they're afraid to ask? What perceptions or expectations might they have in the absence of that communication?

Your investment in marketing and advertising will surely lead customers to you. But are you doing everything it takes to keep them coming back? Asking the right questions will help keep your business—and theirs— from rotting on the vine.