Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Consistency Weighs in on Branding Results

So you have a goal for better health?  Here's the challenge: there's so much to do, and do consistently.

Be sure you get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day, do not consume fried foods or sugar, get your exercise, and take your vitamins. 

Personally, I have found it's hard to be consistent with all of these things. For a while I can fit in an hour of exercise 5 to 6 times a week and make better food choices, but portion control is a challenge. Then I work on portion control, take my vitamins and consume more water daily, but I get really busy and reduce the amount of sleep and exercise I get. As a result of the inconsistencies, better health (and weight loss) can be very gradual. Regardless of the inconsistency, an accumulation of weight loss eventually occurs. Steady exercise can build strength and improve energy, but if you interrupt your progress and exercise less, you can take a step backwards. Don’t get discouraged. The one thing I know is that my mom is right: never give up. With determination and motivation you can reach your goals. Short term willpower for temporary change is not the mission. Learning lifelong habits for lasting results is. Once the “should do’s” are being done consistently, faster results will come.
The same scenario holds true for branding your business. 

In order to achieve a healthy business (brand awareness, brand preference, loyal customers, and business growth…) you need to do several things consistently. Failure to do all things consistently will result in slow achievement of your goals and perhaps some setbacks. Never give up. Back up your quality product or service with an exceptional customer experience. Be consistent with your brand message and media strategy. Keep learning and working toward consistent marketing and you will get greater, long standing results.

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